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Up until now, those who have been uninsured or underinsured for mental health benefits have struggled to find high-quality, effective counseling and coaching services at an affordable rate.

Often, the lack of low-cost alternatives has meant that the people in our community who truly needed help most went without it.

This puzzle needed a solution and we were determined to find it.

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Our Story

Although we knew that we wouldn't be able to completely remedy the current mental health care crisis, we were determined to find our piece of the puzzle and solve the problem at the community level. What we discovered were layers of issues that were influencing the costs of care.


These influences included high overhead costs, poorly funded mental health clinics, overworked and undercompensated counselors, and practitioners with exceptionally high student loan debt.

             It's no wonder the average cost of counseling and coaching is approximately $150/session in the United States! 


After identifying the factors that create unaffordable mental health services, we had a roadmap to build a business model that would provide high-quality services to our community, AND provide our practitioners with flexible work schedules to reduce burnout, fair wages, and student loan debt repayment help. Our piece of the puzzle fit perfectly, and Calibrate found a way to effect change in both the lives of our clients and our practitioners!

At Calibrate, we employ socially-conscious licensed counselors and certified coaches who are committed to being part of the solution to our nation's healthcare crisis. We have found that through offering sessions via online platform, we dramatically cut our overhead costs, and we passed that savings down to our clients. That means that we can offer you the same level of high quality care at a cost similar to the average insurance co-pay!

We are also proud to be reducing our carbon footprint- and yours! With online sessions, you no longer have to sit in traffic to get to your appointment, and we don't waste resources by operating a physical office space.


As an added bonus you no longer have to worry about finding time to drive to and from your appointments, or worry about being exposed to Covid-19. Your sessions can be held from the comfort and convenience of your home computer. And if you can't find privacy at home, just grab your cell phone and conduct your session while enjoying a walk around the block or in the coziness of your car!

Our skilled practitioners specialize in a wide variety of issues. We'd love to connect you with one of our counselors or coaches who can meet your specific needs. Just click the button below and we'll call or email you with more information!


Discover how affordable mental health services can be. Reach out today!