Calibrate Change

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Up until now, those who have been uninsured or underinsured for mental health benefits have struggled to find high-quality, effective counseling and coaching services at an affordable rate.

Often, the lack of low-cost alternatives has meant that the people in our community who truly needed help most went without it.

This puzzle needed a solution and we were determined to find it.

Then, a global pandemic gave us the solution we were seeking. By moving all of our therapy services to an online format, we were able to cut out a significant amount of overhead costs such as office space, utilities, and management fees. 

Now we are able to offer the same high quality, effective counseling and coaching services at a low-cost affordable rate! 

The world is opening up again, and we are so glad for that. Yet, we are keeping our new model of online therapy services so that we can continue to help those in Texas communities who are still struggling to find inexpensive counseling and coaching services. 

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