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Calibrate Your Life

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Until recently, it has been incredibly difficult to find time to fit therapy sessions into an already busy life. You had to drive across town, sit in traffic, and hope that your boss wouldn't notice you were taking an extra-long lunch break every week. 

And if that wasn't difficult already, a global pandemic hit and suddenly every therapist has a waiting list a mile long!

This puzzle needed a solution and we were determined to find it.

 By moving all of our therapy services to an online format, we were able to save our clients the frustrations of rushing to get to their therapy sessions on-time. Our therapists were able to open up their schedules to see clients at hours other than lunch and dinner times. 

The world is opening up again, and we are so glad for that. Yet, we are keeping our new model of online therapy services. We will continue to provide  the same high quality, effective counseling and therapy services in an online format that provides added value to our clients!

Find out how we can help you or your loved ones by booking a FREE 15-min consultation session today!

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