At CALIBRATE, we are committed to providing effective, high quality, counseling and coaching services at a cost that you can truly afford.

Our session prices are based upon a reduced-fee sliding scale aligned to your household income. 

Providing a low-cost alternative, our clients end up paying an equivalent of an insurance co-pay, making mental health help truly within reach to everyone.


Without the stress of paying high fees for services, you can focus on what's important- getting support for the issues most important to you.


Whether you're seeking help dealing with a mental health issue such as anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias or grief, or needing help in a specific area of life such as relationships, finances, or career, we have a practitioner who can help you.

Fill out our contact form today and get connected to a specialized coach or counselor. 

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Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Find help for anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

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Relationship Coaching

Specialized strategies for bringing you closer together

Counseling for Children and Teens

Help your child cope with the pressures of growing up

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Parenting Coaching

Discover new methods to improve your relationship with your children

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Financial Coaching

Improve your relationship to money

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Disordered Eating and Body Image Issues

Find new ways of relating to your body and food

Life Coaching

Bring balance to all areas of your life

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Career Coaching

Get unstuck and choose a meaningful career path 

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"Fear, anxiety and depression are our body's way of telling us we need to calibrate our life and actions to our values. Once aligned, we are free to live our most authentic lives."



Calibrate offers licensed counselor services to those who live within the state of Texas only. 


Coaching services are offered to those living anywhere within the USA and internationally.

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Counseling Options
Coaching Options

Thank you! Please look for an email to come from us within the next 24 hours to schedule your first session!